Torsion springs

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Torsion springs

Torsion springs are in the era of numerically controlled machines gaining in popularity in their application. This is due to the accuracy they offer, which is used among others by ALMECH machines. The use of the latest available technology places us among the best manufacturers of springs, not only in the country but in the world. Currently, thanks to the CNC machines, torsion springs can have unlimited shapes while maintaining the highest precision performance.

The distinguishing feature of torsion springs is the torque transmitted through the spring and not as a longitudinal force as is the case in compression and tension springs. Torsion springs can be performed on inclinations and without spaces between the coils.

The manufacturer of ALMECH springs offers torsion springs made from high carbon spring with or without anti-corrosive coat and stainless steel wires. The diameter of the torsion springs we produce ranges from ø 0,10 mm - ø 7,00 mm.

On customers’ request, we provide for each batch of springs produced, a test certificate on geometrical parameters.