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Springs - are fundamental elements in the construction of susceptible connections. They have two essential features: they undergo a significant elastic deformation under the influence of external load and have the unusual ability to accumulate energy in a specific volume. This feature is applied in the construction of machines. Springs perform various tasks: they accumulate energy and perform the work, relieve shock, induce shock or absorb specific damping vibrations, put pressure on kinematic pairs and are used to measure loads. Thanks to these they are widely used in almost all industries, ranging from food up to the heavy industry.

We can distinguish several types of springs depending on:

  • direction and load type:
  • compression springs
  • extension springs
  • torsion springs

ALMECH as one of the leading manufacturers of springs has in its offer springs made from the latest generation of machines for the production of CNC springs. For the production of the springs, phosphate patented wire is used - without coating, hot-dip galvanized, copper plated, covered in zinc and aluminium alloys, nickel and stainless steel. Depending on the operating environment of the spring, wires with increased resistance to high temperatures, corrosive conditions, such as acids, or with high tensile strength may be used in their production.

compression spring Fig. 11 Compression springs. With closed coil and ground ends - type 1; with closed ends - type 2; or without ends - open coils, not ground.
extension springs

Extension springs are characterized by the fact that during operation they are only stretched. Another unique feature of this type of springs is that extension springs are the only spring with the so called pretension feature...

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compression springs

Compression springs are the most popular and most commonly used type of springs. They are used in all aspects of our lives. They are characterized by a space between the coils called the pitch of spring.

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torsion springs

Torsion springs are in the era of numerically controlled machines gaining in popularity in their application...

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special springs

Special springs: pins, clasps, special shape springs.

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